Environmental Microbial Genomics Laboratory

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Ford - Environmental Science and Technology Building

Lake Lanier Time Series

Studying climate change in an Alaska Tundra ecosystem

Welcome to the Environmental Microbial Genomics Laboratory (enve-omics lab) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Our laboratory focuses on the smallest organisms on the planet, the bacteria and the archaea, which represent the largest reservoir of biodiversity on Earth, drive the life-sustaining biogeochemical cycles, and cause or control diseases in humans, animals, and plants. Our scientific interests are at the interface of microbial ecology with engineering and computational biology. The long-term goals of our research is to broaden understanding of the genetic and metabolic diversity of the microorganisms and to explore this biodiversity for biotechnological applications.

To this end, we employ cutting-edge and develop new computational (aka bioinformatics) as well as wet-laboratory approaches (aka metagenomics, proteomics, genetics, etc). We study natural (e.g., freshwater, marine and soil), engineered (e.g., bioremediation-related) and human-associated (e.g., gut) microbial communities.

Kostas Konstantinidis
Maulding Faculty Fellow and Professor
Principal investigator (PI)
Civil and Environmental Engineering & Biological Sciences (by courtesy)

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