Year Month News (updated Dec-2021)
2021 AUG Carlos Ruiz and Brittany Suttner gradauted with their PhD, and now work as senior research data scientists in start-up companies in California and New York. Congrats Carlos and Brittany!
2021 MAR Dr. Konstantinidis was awarded the “2021 Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award” by Georgia Tech for his publications in 2016-2020. Read the announcement.
2020 DEC

Dr. Konstantinidis is among the top 1% of world’s Highly Cited scientists and engineers for 2020 and 2021 by Clarivate/Web of Science!

Clarivate webpage and personal profile webpage

2020 AUG Dr. Luis Miguel Rodriguez-R, former PhD student and post-doc in the lab, has accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Congrats Miguel!
2020 JUL Dr. Konstantinidis was appointed the Richard C. Tucker Professorship. Read the announcement.
2020 APR Dr. Konstantinidis, Dr. Eric Johnston (former PhD student), and collaborators won the 2020 Sigma Xi Best Paper Award for their PNAS paper on the warming of the Alaskan tundra. Weblink
2020 APR Dr. Konstantinidis was elected into the American Academy for Microbiology.
2019 APR

Dr. Eric Johnston won the 2019 Sigma Xi Best PhD Thesis Award. Only 8 to 10 such awards are given each year across Georgia Tech.

6 out of the total 10 PhD graduates from the lab at the time of this writing have won this award (Luo, Oh, Rodriguez-R, Tsementzi, Orellana, and Johnston)! Weblink

2016 DEC

Dr. Konstantinidis wrote a paper on the species problem in prokaryotes on ASM’s blog. Check it out:…

2016 DEC Four of our papers were highilighted by the popular press this year (2016) such as Science Daily, GenomeWeb and others; two of them were highlighted in the Editor’s spotlight of their respective issues. The articles were:

  • Huang et al., Metagenomics of two severe foodborne outbreaks provides diagnostic signatures and signs of co-infection not attainable by traditional methods. Applied & Environmental Microbiology. Abstract
  • Dam et al., Dynamic models of the complex microbial metapopulation of lake mendota. Npj Systems Biology And Applications. Abstract.
  • Tsementzi et al., SAR11 bacteria linked to ocean anoxia and nitrogen loss. Nature. Abstract.
  • Soto-Giron et al., Biofilms on Hospital Shower Hoses: Characterization and Implications for Nosocomial Infections. Applied & Environmental Microbiology. Abstract.

Here are the Georgia Tech press release articles:…………

2016 NOV Despina Tsementzi and Luis-Miguel Rodriguez-R successfully defended their PhD theses!
2015 AUG

Two of our articles published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, on how soil microbial communities respond to experimental warming and how to distinguish between innocuous Clostridium sporogenes strains and the highly-pathogenic, closely-related Clostridium botulinum strain using genomic approaches, were highlighted in the Editor’s spotlight of their respective issues. Only 5-6 articles from about 30 published in each issue are chosen for the spotlight. Check them out:

2015 MAR

Our paper, Rodriguez-R et al., ISME J. 2015, provided new insights into how microbial communities respond to and degrade crude oil, and was highlighted by numerous science media and on Georgia Tech’s front page. We have just received a new, 3-year collaborative GoMRI project, together with scientists at Florida State University (starting Jan-01-2016), to expand on this research and develop a predictive understanding of the fate of oil spills.

Here is the Georgia Tech press release article:…

2014 SEP

Our very first two bioinformatics algorithms, on how to determine the level of the coverage of a microbial community obtained by sequencing (Nonpareil) and how to determine the taxonomic identity of a metagenomic read or contig, including those representing previously un-described taxa (MyTaxa), were published. We were also just awarded a new 3-year, 1.3 million project from the NSF “Advances in Biological Informatics” program to develop additional algorithms for the analysis of microbial genomes and metagenomes and an associated webserver for online analysis.

The Nonpareil paper:
The MyTaxa paper:
NSF’s announcement on the new grant:
Our webserver with the bioinformatics tools:

2014 MAR Dr. Konstantinidis was awarded tenure at Georgia Tech and promoted to Associate Professor.
2014 MAR Graduate student, Seungdae Oh, won the 2014 Sigma Xi Best PhD Thesis award (Sigma Xi’s Georgia Tech Branch). Former graduate student, Chengwei (Alex) Luo, won the same award in 2012.
2013 JAN

Our paper, DeLeon-Rodriguez et al., PNAS 2013, received worldwide attention and was highlighted by NPR, National Geographic, Amazing Planet, U.S. News & World Report, among numerous other media.

Here is the Georgia Tech press release article:…

Here is the NPR podcast link:…

Here is the National Geographic article:…

Check out the paper:
Microbiome of the upper troposphere: Species composition and prevalence, effects of tropical storms, and atmospheric implications.

2012 SEP Dr. Konstantinidis was appointed to the Carlton S. Wilder Junior Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering. For more details, see Wilder Chair Announcement.
2012 SEP NSF “Dimensions of Biodiversity” will support our work to understand how natural microbial communities respond to environmental perturbations with a 5-year, $1.84 million grant. For more details, see NSF Announcement.
2012 AUG Graduate student, Chengwei (Alex) Luo, won a graduate student travel award to the ISME 14 meeting, held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Three additional students from the lab, Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez, Despina Tsementzi and Seungdae Oh, presented oral talks and posters at the meeting.
2012 AUG Graduate student, Luis-Miguel Rodriguez-R, wins the best poster award at the annual retreat meeting of the School of Biology at Georgia Tech.
2012 FEB Dr. Konstantinidis received the 2012 Sigma Xi Young Faculty Research Award (Sigma Xi’s Georgia Tech Branch).