(updated December 2021)

Kostas Konstantinidis

Principal Investigator More information about Kostas:
Janet Hatt Senior Research Scientist/
Lab Manager
I am interested in bacterial genetics and physiology.
Despina Tsementzi Postdoctoral Research Associate (jointly with Dr. Brunner’s Lab at Emory) I am interested in employing multi-omics techniques to address questions related to human health and the human microbiome.
Katherine (Katy) Graham Postdoctoral Research Associate (Presidential Fellow) I am developing new wet-lab methods and associated bioinformatics approaches for microbial source tracking
Roth Conrad PhD Candidate Ocean Sciences & Engineering
Lizbeth Davila-Santiago PhD Candidate Biology
Hunter Seabolt PhD Candidate Bioinformatics
Gyuhyon Cha PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
Kenji Gerhardt PhD Candidate Bioinformatics
Blake Lindner PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
Kumru Kocaman PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
Jianshu Zhao PhD Candidate Bioinformatics
Dorian Feistel PhD Candidate Bioinformatics
Osman Kayali PhD Candidate Biology
Seongwook Woo PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
Nate Lee MS student Bioinformatics
James (Gabe) DuBose MS student Bioinformatics
Kenji Nishiura MS student Bioinformatics
Group photo in the ES&T Building (February 2018)

Lab Alumni

Carlos Ruiz PhD student (2015-2021) Bioinformatics Scientist, PetDx, San Diego, GA
Alexandra Meziti Postdoctoral Research Associate & Research Scientist (2015-2020) Research Scientist, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece & SmallOmics Inc.
Siyu Zhang Postdoctoral Research Associate (2016-2020) Assistant Professor, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Nastassia Patin Postdoctoral Research Associate (2019-2020) Post-doc, University of Miami/NOAA
Brittany Suttner PhD student (2015-2020)
(NSF GRFP Fellow)
Senior Research Scientist, GenoTwin Inc., New York, NY
Smruthi Karthikeyan PhD student (2015-2020) Post-doc, University of California, San Diego.
Minjae Kim PhD student (2013-2019) Post-doc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Juliana Soto-Giron PhD student (2013-2018)
(Colciencias Fellow; sponsored by the Colombian Government)
Bioinformatics Scientist, Solarea Bio
Angela Pena-Gonzalez PhD student (2013-2018)
(Colciencias Fellow; sponsored by the Colombian Government)
Post-doc, Max Planck Tandem Group in Computational Biology, Universidad de los Andes  Bogotá, Colombia.
Eric Jonhston PhD student (2012-2018) Post-doc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Luis (Coto) Orellana PhD student (2011-2017)
(Fulbright Fellow)
Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany
Samantha Waters Postdoctoral Research Associate (2014-2016) Research Scientist, NASA
Mike Weigand Postdoctoral Research Associate (2010-2013) Research Scientist, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Rachel Poretsky Postdoctoral Research Associate (2010-2012) Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Luis-Miguel Rodriguez-R PhD student (2011-2016) Astistant Professor, University of University of Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
Despina Tsementzi PhD student (2009-2016) Post-doc, Konstantinidis Lab, Georgia Tech. 01-2017-present
Natasha DeLeon PhD student (2009-2014) Education Manager, Centro Criollo de Ciencia y Tecnología del Caribe (C3Tec), Puerto Rico.
Alejandro Caro-Quintero PhD student (2008-2013) Assistant Professor, National University, Bogotá, Colombia.
Chengwei (Alex) Luo PhD student (2008-2012)
Postdoctoral Research Associate (2015)
Research Fellow, Broad Institute/Harvard University. And, Founder & CEO, Sequana Health
Seungdae Oh PhD student (2008-2013) Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University, South Korea

Visiting Scholars

Ramon Rossello-Mora2019Group Leader/Professor, Grup de Microbiologia Marina IMEDEA, Illes Balears, Spain
Norihisa Matsuura2018Assistant Professor, Kanazawa Universaity, Japan
Tomeu Viver2015, 2017Graduate student, Grup de Microbiologia Marina IMEDEA, Illes Balears, Spain
Kostas Kormas2015Professor, University of Thessaly, Greece
Clara López Hermoso2015Graduate student, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Emine Ertekin2014Graduate student, Bogazici University, Turkeyi
Ximei Zhang2013, 2014Post-doc, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Gilmarie Santos2014Graduate student, University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico


Doyoung Cha2018-2020MS Environmental Engineering
Christina Defrancesco2019-2020MS Environmental Engineering
William Harvey2017-2018MS Bioinformatics
Genevieve Brandt2017-2018MS Bioinformatics
Juan Castro2015-2017MS Bioinformatics
Heidi Kizer2013-2014MS Environmental Engineering
Yuanqi Wang2014-2016MS Environmental Engineering


Hannah Lachmayr2019-2020Undergraduate, Georgia Tech
Johanna Hall2019-2020Undergraduate, Georgia Tech
Mary-Frances Johnson2019-2020Undergraduate, Georgia Tech
Isabelle D’amico2019-2020Undergraduate, Georgia Tech
Laura Yang2018-2019Graduate School
Casey Erb2018-2019Consulting, Environmental Engineering
Jacob Jackson2018-2019Undergraduate, Georgia Tech
Patrick Heritier-Robbins2017-2019Consulting, Environmental Engineering
Blake Lindner2017-2019Graduate School, Georgia Tech
Gina Maresca2012-2014Consulting, Environmental Engineering
Raj Krishnan2012-2014Consulting, Environmental Engineering
Tomas Leon2010-2012Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley
James Barazesh2010-2012Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley
Awa Diagne2011-2012Graduate School, MIT